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How Our Journey Began

TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions decided to partner with the Arise Outsourcing Platform as a result of wanting to help injured nurses find employment. Our Operations Manager understands how hard it is to find work when you're disabled as a result of surgery, gaps in employment history, rehabilation and chronic pain. 

One evening, while surfing the internet, she came across the Arise website. After thoroughly reading it and many touching testimonies, she firmly believed Arise was the answer to help herself as well as many others who prefer earning their incomes at home. 

Our Mission

To share resources that can be a stepping stone towards positive change, dignity, independence and self preservation through the use of technology and working at home.

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  1. Our fee is 49.75 per invoice. See FAQ's for more information.
  2. You have the option to join our Credit Union or get Direct deposit to your bank.
  3. Freedom to schedule your own hours.
  4. Earn extra income.
  5. Be your own boss.
  6. Work in the privacy of your own home.
  7. Online resources and networks.

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