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1. Is this another work at home enticing scam?

No. Arise began it's business in 1994. Their objective was to locate well-established companies who needed outsourcing in the areas of customer service, technical support, and sales environment. Originally, the company focused on helping the disabled. Later, it was decided to reach other prospective types of private contractors, such as retirees, at home parents, veterans, military wives, those who need to earn extra cash and more. Arise, our Partner has been featured on several news and talk shows such as Fox News, Today, CNN, Good morning America and more. They also received two invitations to the White House. They were given many awards for contributing to the work at home explosion. Arise has an A (+) rating with the Better business Bureau and has held that place it firmly since 2005.

2. Is Arise in other countries?

Yes, Canada.

3. Is there a cost on my end to be a CSP (Customer Support Professional)?

Yes, you must be certified to be a CSP (Customer Support Professional). At this time most classes are 19.99 - 149.00.  Normally, it can range from 19.99 - 249.00. Each industry has it's own requirements. Plus, all courses are online with a live instructor.

4. If I pass certification when can I start working?

Immediately. The company you certified with will give you the date.

5. What else will I need?

Once you apply and register for a course, you will be given all the information you need as far as computer systems, headphone, attire requirements etc...

6. Does Arise or TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions pay for or reimburse me for equipment?

No. You will be your own boss (1099 - private contractor). When you prepare your taxes your business purchases are tax deductible. Save all receipts for your proof.

7. Do you provide tax information?

No. The above was mentioned to let you know certain expenses you put into your business isn't a total loss. You are also responsible to pay your own taxes.

8. Okay. How much money can I make?

Each company has its own rates. When you select who you want to contract with, your IBO will tell you the rate per interval (1/2 hour) or hourly rate. Companies pay between 9 - 15 dollars per hour. Some pay more for peak hours.

9. How can I get more information after I enroll?

There will be plenty of resources to find answers. Each company will have resources for you as well as the Arise Portal. 

10. Can I choose how many hours I work?

Each Industry has a minimum requirement you must work. It will be specified by the company. If you want to work more hours, if work is available you can. A word of caution, you must plot all your time in at once. Be sure to work the hours you have scheduled.

11. Do I need a background check?

Yes. Our customers information is confidential and important. It is a requirement by Arise and their clients.

12. When do I learn how to do the job?

When you finish the admissions and other requirements. Next, you will enroll for an Arise online training class.

13. Can I work part time?

You can work part time or full time. Please note, most companies have required weekend hours as well. Schedule them the way you prefer.

14. How long is the course?

Most of the time, 4 weeks or more, 4 hours a day, Monday - Friday. Your course will be online, hours and times that can fit into your schedule. Training is also non-paid. You will have a real-time online instructor and weekly homework assignments which you must complete before your next class.

15. Can I contract with more than one company?

Sure. You will be obligated to both companies. Schedule in away that fits your lifestyle. Be sure to show up on time for each company. You will need to register and pay for each course. 

16. Can you go over the fees to run my business?

We have an Administrative, Technical Support, flat rate of 49.75, per invoice. The fees pays for your companies around the clock technical support, software through the Arise Platform, and other resources. The fee is automatically deducted from the service revenue every pay period.

17. So how do I get paid?

You will be paid twice a month. Arise will send your revenue to your IBO's financial institution. It only deals with IBO Call Centers. You will be paid by direct deposit every 1st  & 15th of the month. You have the option to join our credit union, direct deposit, or a hard copy check.

18. Can I come into the business as an IBO (Independent Business owner)?

The choice is yours. You can start work as a CSP on our team, TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions Call Center or as an IBO. Everyone's entry in the business is exactly the same. However, an IBO owns a Call Center. Private contractors (CPS's 1099 contractors) are service providers. If you decide to work as a CSP and down the road want to advance as an IBO you can. After being on our team for a full three months you can transfer over as an IBO. In addition, you will need to inform TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions by an email 30 days prior to leaving or transferring over as an IBO. We will gladly register you as an IBO. We want everyone to grow. Remember you must have a LLC or EIN. Check your state for it's requirements.

19. What If I want to change IBO's? Notify TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions by an email 30 days prior to leaving. Notification must be signed with your CPS ID.

20. How can I ensure working overtime?

Choose a company that has hours beyond 8 hours or schedule more hours on the weekend.

21. A) Do I work for you or Arise?

No. You are a 1099 private contractor.

B) Since I don't work for you or Arise can I call out when I feel like it?

Remember, you must work the assigned hours and days you scheduled. It could lead to a termination of your (SOW) from Arise and TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions. For extreme emergencies you will be directed who to reach out to. You will learn more about this subject during certification training. 

22. Can I tell private information about my customers and the company I contract with?

There are strict confidentiality rules governing all parties. Contracts prohibit this behavior. You can be terminated.

23. Will I be asked to sign contract with TAShun Koncepts Virtual Solutions and Arise?

Yes. We will discuss the subject with you should you decide to become a Customer Support Professional (Agent).

24. Are there health, workers compensation, eye plans, etc... benefits?

No. You are a private contractor, 1099 contractor. Go to your states website to see the description and what your responsibilities are to the IRS during tax season.

25. I'm certified. Now what?

You can began servicing your clients. The company you trained with will give you the date. Just be ready by having the correct equipment and attire in place. Don't worry, you will have plenty of tools and support along the way.

26. Are there any videos to help me understand?

Yes. Go to the Video tab. Plus, you'll get more answers in training and post training.

27. The CSP has to follow the steps below:

Express Interest for the program > Take the Assessment > Become Client Qualified > Make the Payment to Enroll > Attend the Course > Certify/Pass > SOW is Issued > Service the program.

28. How long do I have to register and enroll for the certification class?

You should complete the process asap and per instructions by Arise Enrollment.

29. So what kind of person are you looking for to join your team?

One who's serious about running a call center, mature, one who cares about the team, honest, hard working, believes in working on time, knows how to communicate well with others, not an IBO hopper, respectable, and loves people. If this is you, welcome aboard!