Your Home Office & Equipment


Now that you'll be working at home, your office space should fit your needs and style. Who said because you work at home your office should be drab? Not so. Colors truly matter. Use bright, relaxing colored paint or wall coverings. Not so calm that you'll go to sleep. Dark rooms will often do that.

Lighting is equallly imporant.  

Wall pictures with inspiring words or sayings like, You Go Girl, Acheive, Let's Get This done, or Brothers Got Some Work To Do. Whatever, gets you moving, more productive and ready to start your day.


When servicing your client you must have a quiet work space. By doing so, your client will know they have your full attention. Your focus will also be better without distractions. Show your client that you are a skilled professional at all times.

HOME OFFICE EQUIPMENT - Note your client will tell you which ones you'll need.